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The principal visits all units of the school to celebrate the New Year and improve morale at work

publish date : 2021-02-19

At the beginning of the new year, in order to continue the lively atmosphere of the New Year and improve the morale of the staff of the school, the principal especially led the vice principal and chief secretary to all units to pay new year greetings on the first working day after the Lunar New Year (February 17, 110). Give out New Year red envelopes to welcome the beginning of the new year together.

The route of the New Year’s greetings starts from the Lixing Building, passes through the office, science museum and forensic building on each floor of the research building, and then goes to the promotion center, Zhizhen building, library, old science museum, meeting room and information of the student team of the Jingying building At the end, I returned to the Lixing Building. The whole journey took about an hour. A total of 266 faculty and staff participated in the activity. Each unit also produced photo cards to add to the lively atmosphere of the campus.

In addition to the New Year greetings to all units, I also want to thank the Alumni Association for financial support. The principal will give out NT$200 per person in the New Year red envelope. Although the amount is not much, it represents the school’s gratitude to the faculty and staff. At the beginning, there was a good luck and good luck.

In addition, in order to implement the epidemic prevention work, all participants of this event wear masks throughout the entire process to effectively prevent the chance of virus infection.

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